There is an adage that states, ‘travel broadens the mind’ and it is one that cannot be disputed, owing to the various strata of human experience that it fulfils. It is through travel companies assembling international holiday packages, that the above mentioned axiom can be lived and not just read.
The fast-paced, competitive lifestyle that most of us currently experience on a daily basis is not healthy – for the body or the mind and it is imperative that at certain points in our lives we pack our luggage bags and disappear for a while.
The experience of engaging with different cultures is a privilege. If we become too attached to our everyday lives, following repetitive routines, there is the propensity for us to become “locked in” and this stifles emotional development.
For example, the Czech Republic, located in Eastern Europe presents a completely different cultural dynamic to South Africa. The idyllic city of Prague provides catharsis prompting any stress to dissipate.
For those who work in creative disciplines, William W. Maddux, Hajo Adam, and Adam D. Galinsky conducted a study that proved that the experience of different societal structures enhanced creativity; they postulate that this is due to the varying multicultural nuances that remove the blinkers from our eyes and allow for an open mind-set. The memories that are created through personal experience are ingrained within your mind forever.
Even if you do not work within the creative realm, the active and passive intake of culture allows the logical side of the brain to relax, while the creative side is stimulated.
The discipline of anthropology has a term known as “participant observation”; essentially, it is through this action that is inherent within international travel and tours that you will learn about different cultures.
It cannot be reiterated enough that travelling with a culture-centric mind-set will allow you to absorb all of the other aspects that are native to your destination. Therefore, on your next trip, use this technique and you will leave with a richer appreciation for everything that you have experienced.