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Type of Tour:Scheduled departure cruise
Operates:Selected departure dates, based on availability
Duration:6 Nights / 7 Days
Visit:Bergen – Floro – Molde – Kristiansund – Rorvik – Bronnoysund – Svolvaer – Skervoy – Oksfjord – Berlevag – Batsfjord – Kirkenes
  • 06 Night voyage in cabin category of your choice
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) from  Norway’s Coastal Kitchen
  • English-speaking Tour Leader on board
  • Airfare and airport taxes
  • Extras on-board
  • Optional tours, activities & sightseeing
  • Travel insurance, visa cost and tips
Notes:Kindly note Hurtigruten has a flexible pricing system and all prices are capacity controlled and subject to availability.  Prices may change at any time before departure date; the applicable price will be confirmed at the time of booking.

*Nine of the ships along the Norwegian Coast have Expedition teams on-board. As a guest, you can go on hikes with the Expedition teams by getting our Outdoor Activity Passes.

Accommodation:On-board Hurtigruten

Full Itinerary

Hurtigruten’s Classic Voyage North lasts 7 days and starts in the southernmost port, Bergen. You should still have some time before the departure to explore one of Norway’s most beautiful and distinctive cities. Once the cruise gets underway the route north will take you along the Hjeltefjord which happens to be the same route the Vikings sailed to reach the Shetland Islands and beyond.
Overnight:  Hurtigruten vessel  (D)

If you wake up early enough you should be able to see Mt. Hornelen (860m), the mountain which according to the saga was climbed by the Viking King Olav Tryggvason. After sailing past West Cape, the vessel will cross the open sea for the first time during the cruise. The ship will navigate its way through skerries and islands before reaching the Art Nouveau town of Alesund. In the summer months, the vessel will sail into was some consider to be the jewel in Norway’s crown, Geirangerfjord. The fjord is one of the most beautiful surrounded by majestic mountain peaks, steep cliffs and cascading waterfalls. In autumn, the vessel will instead explore the idyllic Hjørundfjord. This fjord is also a treat because only Hurtigruten ships sail into this gem of a fjord.
Overnight:  Hurtigruten vessel  (BLD)

Optional Excursions:

2B – Geiranger with Trollstigen pass (available in: Summer)

2C – Art Nouveau Walk (available in: Winter, spring, autumn)

2D – Atlanterhavsparken aquarium and Mount Aksla (available in: Winter, spring)

2F – A taste of Norway (available in: Autumn)

2G – Mountain hike in the Hjørundfjord (available in: Autumn)

2H – Hike with a visit to a shieling (available in: Autumn)

Trondheim, formerly called Nidaros, was founded in 997 A.D. and was Norway’s capital for almost 200 hundred years from 1030 – 1217. The city is home to Norway’s national shrine, Nidaros Cathedral, which has been a popular pilgrimage destination for nearly 1,000 years. Today it is a city of students, technology, culture, cycling and food. Trondheim’s architecture and surroundings create a beautiful, almost mystical atmosphere for any outing, whether you prefer a guided tour of Nidaros Cathedral, kayaking on the river Nid and into the city’s smaller channels, or a casual walk or bicycle ride among the beautifully restored wooden buildings in the Bakklandet district.
Overnight:  Hurtigurten vessel  (BLD)

Optional Excursions:

3A – Nidaros Cathedral and Ringve Museum in Trondheim (available in: Spring, summer)

3B – Trondheim and Nidaros Cathedral (available in: Autumn, winter)

3D – Trondheim city walk (available in: All year)

3G – Kayaking in on the River Nid (available in: Summer)

3H – Cycling in Trondheim (available in: Spring, summer)

Today you will cross the Arctic Circle. This invisible border at 66 degrees 33 minutes north marks the southernmost point for the midnight sun, which shines 24 hours a day in the summer. The chances of catching the Northern Lights in winter are also higher above this line. This is where the Arctic begins. Norway’s second largest glacier, Svartisen, is located near the old trading village and port of call Ørnes. The journey continues along the beautiful Helgeland coast, considered by many to be just as spectacular as Lofoten. In the afternoon, the vessel makes its way from Bodø across Vestfjord, and the 1000 metres high mountain Lofotveggen will appear on the horizon which one can take as the sign that one is finally in Lofoten.
Overnight:  Hurtigruten vessel  (BLD)

Optional Excursions

4A – Svartisen Glacier (available in: Winter)

4C – Experience Bodø and Saltstraumen (available in: All year)

4D – RIB safari to Saltstraumen (available in: Spring, summer, autumn)

4E/F – Meet the vikings (available in: All year)

4G – Highlights of Lofoten (available in: Spring, summer)

4H – Lofotpils Brewery (available in: All year)

4I – Farm visit in Lofoten (available in: Spring, summer, autumn)

The Hurtigruten ship will now be approaching Tromsø, the capital of the Arctic. Get ready for a fun-filled day packed with exciting activities, no matter what time of year you travel. You could join in whale watching, dog sledging, hiking, or learn about the country’s fascinating polar history. Or why not take part on a kayaking excursion which will allow you to admire this beautiful Arctic city from a waterborne point of view.
Overnight:  Hurtigruten vessel  (BLD)

Optional Excursions:

5A – The Arctic capital Tromsø (available in: All year)

5B – Dog sledging (available in: Winter, spring)

5C – Scenery and Huskies (available in: Summer, spring, autumn)

5D – Polar History Tour (available in: Winter)

5G – Kayaking (available in: Spring, summer)

5K – Silent whale exploring (available in: Winter)

5M – Cross-country skiing (available in: Winter)

5N – Snowshoeing in Tromsø (available in: Winter)

5O – Sami adventure in Tromsø (available in: Winter)

Enjoy the magnificent landscape as the journey continues towards the North Cape. In Honningsvåg, you can take a cultural walk through the town and let yourself be charmed by the colourful buildings. Then the cruise continues through the heart of the Sámi homeland to the port of Kjøllefjord. This area is also famous for its rich bird life. Enjoy the sub-Arctic landscape as the vessel crosses the 71st parallel north, and be sure to take the opportunity to experience the North Cape – the northernmost point on the continent.
Overnight:  Hurtigruten vessel  (BLD)

Optional Excursions:

6A – The North Cape (available in: All year)

6B – Birdwatching safari (available in: Spring, summer)

6C – Sámi culture (available in: Spring, summer)

6D – Snowmobile trip in the Arctic (available in: Winter, spring)

6E – Sámi autumn (available in: Autumn)

6G – Our northernmost life (available in: Summer)

6H – Fishing village visit (available in: All year)

6I – Winter expedition in the Arctic wilderness (available in: Spring)

Kirkenes is known as the capital of the Barents Region and is the gateway to the east. The town is also Hurtigruten’s easternmost port and the turning point for the 12-day voyage, but sadly for you it will be the end of an epic journey north along Norway’s coast. You will notice that the landscape and sea along the coast of Finnmark become increasingly more dramatic the closer the vessel comes to Kirkenes, which is located just a few miles from the Russian border.  (B)

Optional Excursions:

7A – The Russian border (available in: All year)

7B – Riverboat to the Russian border (available in: Summer, autumn)

7C – Snowmobile safari (available in: Winter, spring)

7D – Kirkenes Snowhotel (available in: Winter, spring)

7E – ATV/Quad safari to the Russian border (available in: Spring, summer, autumn)

7F – Husky sledge adventure (available in: Winter, spring)

7H – King crab expedition (available in: Spring, summer, autumn)

7I – Mountain hike with huskies (available in: Summer)


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