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Australasia Adventure Tours and Small Group Trekking

Australasia covers a vast area of land and sea, stretching across fourteen countries and includes the Australian continent, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the many islands of the great Pacific Ocean. The climate and landscapes are incredibly varied and offer a myriad of experiences for the adventure traveller- from the desert within central Australia to the tropical islands of Oceania and Papua New Guinea. The ethnic groups of Australasia and Oceania include Aborigines, Maoris, Polynesians and Pacific Islanders.

World Expeditions offers small group adventure tours to Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Fiji.  You can tour, trek, climb, canoe, cycle, kayak or cruise your way through this exciting continent on your perfect adventure holiday.

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Alps to Ocean Cycle

5 nights hotel/mote

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Classic Larapinta Trek

6 days trekking, 5 nights exclusive semi‑permanent campsite accommodation

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Kokoda Track

11 day trip, 9 day trek with a full pack, 8 nights camping, 2 nights hotel

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Otago Rail Trail Classic

4 nights hotel/motel

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The Overland Track

6 days trekking with a full pack (14‑18kgs), 5 nights camping

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