About Us

With 40 years of operation in Southern Africa, Inspirations Travel & Tours has firmly established itself as a trusted and knowledgeable travel entity. This esteemed company is an integral part of Travel Smart Crew Pty Ltd, a consortium comprising 15 successful and diverse inbound travel specialists.

Each of these businesses has flourished through unwavering passion, dedication, and perseverance, culminating in their current standing. Their primary focus remains on driving sales and delivering top-notch service, ensuring their customers’ journeys are seamless and of the highest quality. Meanwhile, Travel Smart Crew’s primary role centers around cultivating meaningful relationships with suppliers to guarantee exceptional travel experiences.

In Travel Smart Crew, the 15 shareholders have equal ownership and are the sole beneficiaries of the company’s endeavours. This dynamic and entrepreneurial organisation boasts a range of functions, which encompass but go beyond:

  • Central Group Contracting
  • Central Management of Preferred Supplier Relationships
  • Central Group Commercial Agreements
  • Central Reservations System Management and Data Capture – both Tourplan and Travelogic
  • Shared Allocations
  • Shared Intelligence
  • Shared Resources
  • Shared Benefits and Opportunities

Our Inbound Association

  • SATSA (Southern Africa Tourism Services Association)

    South Africa’s travel association for Inbound tourism, consisting of Destination Management Companies, Tour Operators, transport operators, accommodation providers, and Incentive and Conference organisers.

  • ATTA (African Travel & Tourism Association)

    The African Travel & Tourism Association is a member-driven trade association that promotes travel & tourism to Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands from all corners of the world.

Meet The Inbound Specialist Team

Our highly knowledgeable reservation consultants, international representatives and partners are at the heart of Inspirations Travel & Tours. They have all travelled extensively throughout Southern Africa and documented it perfectly so you can enjoy your adventures.

Candice Reddy

Supervisor: Inbound Destination Specialist

candice@itt.co.za 18 Years Experience

Claire Andersen

Inbound Destination Specialist

claire@itt.co.za 17 Years Experience

Simone Schoon

Inbound Destination Specialist

simone@itt.co.za 22 Years Experience

Charlene Ballard

Inbound Destination Specialist

charlene@itt.co.za 30 Years Experience

Naadiya Hussain

Inbound Destination Specialist

naadiya@itt.co.za 17 Years Experience

Birgit Hüster

Germany Representative

Headshot image of a lady

Jannika von Wielligh
Scandinavian Representative