Undulating hills bathed in incandescent sunlight, adorned in sunflowers and golden wheat fields, with tall poplar trees standing guard like still soldiers – Tuscany is world renowned for its remarkable, picture-perfect countryside. Here acres of crimson vineyards stand in stark contrast to the azure sky and a pervading quiet attracts many with its tranquil allure.

Tuscany is a place of sunshine, sunflowers and art and when you explore the peaceful area for yourself, you soon understand exactly what it is about this place that has inspired so many artists and poets over the years. Life is sweet and simple; ‘II bel far niente’ is an all-encompassing philosophy to live by, for it is true that much beauty can be found in doing nothing at all.

Many people choose to incorporate Tuscany into their international travel and tours, drawn by the history and cultural richness of one of the world’s most serene and idyllic places.  Apart from revelling in your blissful surrounds, you can also explore the numerous renaissance towns in the region, which all harken back to a bygone era, dwelling in the past, with old fashioned values and a gentle way of life still presiding.

One of the most popular international holiday packages available is a walking tour through Tuscany. Drift between the quaint little villages, tuck into hearty cuisine accompanied by some of the area’s finest wines, meet the charismatic residents and immerse yourself in the riveting landscape, meandering along the mountain baths and gentle slopes of the verdant hills.

Tuscany is the epitome of romance and the perfect spot for a honeymoon. Stroll hand in hand through cheerful sunflower fields, lit up by the sun’s irradiant light and steal kisses in the vineyards as you toast each other with a ruby-red vintage merlot. If you’re a student of the Italian language, then what better way to learn than to immerse yourself in the charming towns where it is spoken daily? Make friends with the locals and the lyrical language will soon come easily to you.

In Chiusi, visit the Etruscan Museum and survey the multitude of historical tombs. Admire the exquisite Romanesque Cathedral of San Secondiano, which was constructed in approximately 560 AD and renovated in the 13th century. Relish the gorgeous landscape and scenic medieval architecture of Monticchiello and tuck into delectable pecorino cheese and truffles in the charismatic town of Pienza.

Traverse the lush knolls and creep through ancient oak woods, as you approach San Quirico – a medieval town, which boasts a castle and Romanesque church. Bathe in Bagno Vignoni’s delightfully warm thermal waters, which have been used since roman times and attracted grand visitors such as Lorenzo the Great.

Tuscany is a place of resounding peace and extraordinary beauty; where the simple pleasures of life still take precedence and time is alluringly slow.