Egypt has captivated many and left others with an insatiable thirst for knowledge of this mysterious land once inhabited by Pharaohs and Caesar and the bases for many biblical stories. A visit to this unforgettable land is a must for any historians as it is one of the most popular African holiday destinations.

The first aspect of Egypt that comes to mind for many is the pyramids of which there are over 138 across the land. The sheer volume of the pyramids is remarkable and they are a major draw card to this land of golden sand. The most popular are the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza; in particular the Pyramid of Khufu – the only one of the seven natural wonders that still exists.

Equally as popular is the Nile River – the longest river in the world. The beauty found along the Nile is breathtaking and a few days travel up this river by boat is a popular way to see Egypt for many. The Nile is just under 7000km long and is a highlight on many African holiday packages that include a cruise along the river that flows through 10 other countries.

The people of Egypt are unique and ready to open their doors to visitors of their famous landmarks. Thousands of tourists visit Egypt every year and many of them head to the Valley of Kings and Queens where well known Pharoahs and Queens of Egypt were buried from as far back as the 11th century BC. The artefacts found here are a testament to history that inhabits the whole of Egypt.

The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in particular is where visitors can see the largest collection of Egyptian artefacts in the world; over 120, 000 pieces including 9 mummies displayed in The Royal Mummy Room and the solid gold mask of Tutankhamun. The building is drenched in wall to wall Egyptian history and offers visitors a once in a lifetime opportunity to view materials used by ancient Egyptians in a modern day setting.

For a break from the buildings and pyramids, a visit to Mount Sinai will give you a good dose of natural Egyptian air. Famous for being the site where Moses received the 10 commandments in the Christian, Jewish and Islamic faiths, Mt Sinai is a popular tourist spot for its religious importance. It provides a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the city. At the foot of the mountain is St. Catherine’s Monastery; the oldest working Christian monastery in the world.

Of course no visit to Egypt would be complete without a dip in the Red Sea. Its waters are filled with history and make for an exciting diving site – just one of many magical experiences ahead of travellers in Egypt.